Lead A Team: Share Your Peace Hero

Selecting Your Peace Hero

Fill out the form to your right to the best of your ability so we can make your Peace Hero trading card.

An example of a trading card is below:

  • In the space below, write a 40-word statement that describes your peace hero and explains why he or she is a peace hero/peacebuilder.
  • In this space, provide a 20–30 word quotation from your peace hero/peacebuilder that illustrates his or her position on peace.
  • If your peace hero is a local person or someone relatively unknown please submit his or her photo. The photo should be a headshot, in JPEG format, and at least 2mb and 300dpi.
  • Well Known Heroes

    If your peace hero is someone well-known such as Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr., you do not need to provide a photo. The PHWATW executive team will provide one.

    Note: The PHWATW honors copyrights. If the PHWATW cannot obtain permission to use a copyrighted photo of you peace hero, it will provide a substitute image that depicts people working together peacefully.

  • Please submit an electronic copy of the release form to your captain recruiter. Release Form