Role Descriptions

Peace is serious. Practicing nonviolent alternatives to conflict is work. But a peaceful, nonviolent atmosphere brings joy. And it is with a joyful attitude we explain the roles of the local walk management team. We want this event to be fun for you. A playful walk helps build community.

Regardless of assigned role, each member of the local walk management team should wear the hat of local peace educator. Take advantage of every opportunity to promote peace literacy in your community. For example, work the definition of peace hero into conversations. Talk about the three ideals that guide the decisions and behavior of peace heroes (that is, recognition of the interconnectedness all people, promotion of justice, and rejection of vengeance).
share current PHWATW educational materials with parents, teachers, college students, service clubs, and faith organizations.

Walk Initiator

You want to inspire and educate a new generation of peace leaders in your community, so you get the ball rolling. You call a meeting, find a walk venue, and call us to say, “We’re in!” Who knows? Maybe you’ll decide to be the walk coordinator, too!

Walk Coordinator

You’re ready to inspire and educate that new generation of peace leaders! You lead the planning, keep team members on target, and ensure a successful walk. It’s a big job, but somebody’s got to do it—or maybe two somebodies! Consider making this a two-person, co-coordinators position. Share the fun!

Team Captain Recruiter

You know that inspiring and educating a new generation of peace leaders means providing roles models with compelling stories. We call these role models peace heroes. Your job is to find at least 25 people dedicated to sharing the stories of their personal peace heroes and willing to serve as team captains. When found, you provide the materials, motivation, and support they need to honor their peace heroes and recruit walkers.

Corporate Sponsorship Leader

You understand that peace literacy initiatives require funding. Eighty percent of the net walk proceeds will go to the initiative(s) selected by the local walk management team. Twenty percent will go to the 21st Century Peace Literacy Foundation to support initiatives such as the Dayton International Peace Museum. To make sure every dollar raised goes to peace literacy initiatives, your job is to find corporate sponsors to cover walk expenses. You can do it!

Logistics Coordinator

You know that providing a safe, well-managed event is essential to inspiring and educating a new generation of peace leaders. Your job is to plan the walk route, obtain insurance and all necessary permits, help order items needed for walk day, anticipate problems and dangers, and make plans to keep walkers safe. Talk about a big job! We know you’ve got it under control because we expect you’ve done this sort of thing before!

Volunteer Coordinator

You understand it takes a village to inspire and educate a new generation of peace leaders. In your case, that village is made up of volunteers! Your job is to recruit and train them. At a minimum, you’ll need volunteers on walk day to set up the venue, register walkers, direct walkers along the route, photograph the festivities, and tear down and clean up the venue following the walk. It does indeed take a village!

Local Treasurer

You understand that donors want their money directed to peace education initiatives. And they want their gifts acknowledged! You are a person of integrity with prior fiduciary experience. Your job is to record and acknowledge all donations and perform all accounting and reporting tasks. We can’t do it without you!

Local Walk Management Operations Manual

Once you are officially signed up to organize a walk, the national team of the 21st Century Peace Literacy Foundation will provide you with an operations manual that describes in detail how to organize an event. Based upon the success of the Dayton Peace Heroes Walk, this user-friendly resource will provide a step-by-step approach to organizing your event.

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