Enlist Your Community Today!


PARTICIPATING COMMUNITIES: The Peace Heroes Walk Around the World currently seeking communities for 50 communities for a fall 2016 walk.

Is your community interested in hosting a walk?

Hosting a successful walk requires the commitment and involvement of several organizations in your community. Our executive team will provide walk materials as well as the support and guidance needed to ensure success and the integrity and continuity of the peace hero message.

What does your community need to do to get started?

  • An initiator, from a nonprofit organization in your community, contacts our executive team.
  • The initiator works with our executive team to identify potential community partners.
  • Two to three of these partners agree to collaborate, with one of them assuming the primary leadership role.
  • All parties engage in honest and transparent discussions about role expectations and the allocation of raised funds.
  • Community partners recruit team captains and other volunteers.
  • Team captains identify peace heroes (local, national, and international) whose stories they wish to lift up during the walk.
  • Team captains also inspire and recruit walkers and sponsors.

As our executive team identifies walk sites, we will post that information here so you can see whether there is a walk close to where you live.

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